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Educational Resources

Helpful Links for Pet Owners

  1. Companion Animal Parasite Council - articles, forecasts, and interactive maps to help you best understand and prevent the threat of parasites
  2. ASPCA Poison Control - comprehensive list of plants, foods, and common household products that pose risks to pet health
  3. FDA Veterinary Recalls and Withdrawals - the most up-to-date information on food, treat, and medication recalls and withdrawals


Information on Products We Carry

  1. Frontline - topical flea and tick prevention
  2. NexGard - chewable flea and tick prevention
  3. Heartgard - chewable heartworm prevention
  4. Sentinel - chewable flea, heartworm, and intestinal parasite prevention
  5. Hill's - prescription diet foods
  6. Royal Canin - prescription diet foods
  7. Purina - prescription diet foods


Information on Services We Offer

  1. Companion Laser Therapy - Our practice uses a Companion Therapy Laser for pain management, postoperative healing, and wound care


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