Our Staff


Companion Animal Parasite Council
Veterinary healthcare professionals provide articles, forecasts, and interactive maps to help you best understand and prevent the threat of parasites to your pets.


ASPCA Poison Control
Learn how to identify plants, foods, and common household products that could pose a risk to your pets' health. 


FDA Veterinary Recalls and Withdrawals
Your best resource for the most up-to-date information on food, medication, and treat recalls and withdrawals.

Products We Carry

We offer various options to address flea and tick control, as well as a number of preventive measures against parasites.







We also stock prescription diets to address a wide array of concerns, including weight management, urinary tract health, and allergies.



Royal Canin


Services We Offer

Companion Therapy Laser

Our practice uses a Companion Therapy Laser for an assortment of treatments, including pain management, post-operative healing, and wound care.


Arthrex Vet Systems

For cruciate ligament repairs, our practice implements the TightRope CCL Technique or the SwiveLock Anchor System.


Vet-Stem Cell Therapy

This innovative treatment involves using your pet’s own cells for the purpose of regenerating or replacing diseased tissues.


If you are looking for recommendations for other local pet services—such as grooming, boarding, training, or sitting—please contact us for suggestions!